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 Weirdness and Masks

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PostWeirdness and Masks

Has anyone else ever had so much to say and then after finally finishing getting it all written down or typed out you just throw it way? I do, I just did that about 3 times because there is so much I can say but that I wont. Word of advice to anyone who does this...save your wall of text because more than likely your just going to be retyping it all later. A couple of the guild were sailing today (-gasp- sailing!?!?!? Ikr) and one thing that was said about me really stuck out in my mind.

I realized that you may think your one way but then when you see yourself from someone else s view your actually completely different. Example: I thought I was quiet but apparently im really talkative, who knew huh?

I guess the food for thought this time, is what if we only see who we want to be? Like a mask that only we see. Would you want someone to tell you what your really like or would you rather keep striving, without knowing, to become that mask?

I know, I know. What a weird thought. Well, im a weird person and I hope you like listening to my weirdness to Wink

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Weirdness and Masks

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