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Relica's Blog

Ello' all. As this is a blog you will end up finding a wide variety of subjects here. Some you may agree on others maybe not as much but thats alright, your opinion is as unique as my own and thats what makes it so interesting to get to know someone.
I guess Ill finish up this little intro with something I saw the other day that made me laugh and wonder if this would end up being anyone I know Smile

A gamer died and went to hell. A week later Satan is talking to God "I dont know what...
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Hey Y'all I don't know if you've heard but the pirates remake game is currently in alpha. Here's the link to their official website https://piratesonline.co/ . I've heard they'll be releasing the game in September but I haven't seen it confirmed yet so trying to keep an eye out for that. In other news...I'm pregnant! I have a healthy little 14 week old fetus in mah belly. Its been a rough pregnancy already, been on bed rest for a week and now am off but with weekly Dr visits. BUT all is well for now. Hope to see y'all soon!
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Hey yall!
Its been a while since ive last talked to anyone from the Fury, Hope all of you are doing well! (That goes for those of you who check this and those of you who have already moved on to other things). A lot of stuff has been going on in the last six months. Im in Texas now, got a real easy job and am doing alot better than previously.
Anyway I was just writing to say hey and if anyone wants to get in touch with me I do have a skype and as long as im not asleep or at work ill be happy to sit down and talk (JustThatKat).

With love, Kat
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Hey yall, its been a while since ive been around. Im sorry for my dissapearing act, life's gotten very hectic for me. I managed to get a job and around a month ago I was laid off so ive been looking for another...Also ive somehow become involved in a couple minecraft servers, being moderators on them and such. And to top it all off ive started making PROPER youtube videos finally! Yaaaaayyyyyyy <3 But nah ill try to be around a little more, even if its just to say hi occasionally Smile Cya around.

And if your...
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My poor dog has had a long week. Friday he had to go to the vet and get his shots and then today he went to get his haircut.
this is what he looked like friday.

this is what he looks like now.

its like...OMG HE HAS LEGS!?!?!? Lol love my buster Very Happy
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Two weeks ago my mom got hurt at work, she went to the doctors about it and they said she had a blood clot in her leg. This morning she went back to the hospital and they said its moved up into one of her arteries. They were going to keep her but for now shes back home and they gave her some injections that should help. Id like to ask that anyone who prays, prays that my mom gets better. If you dont pray thats fine, well wishes are great too. Im just really worried about her. Thanks in advance.
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Lets play guess that theme Wink On a side note for those of you that pray, please pray for my mom. She got hurt at work the other day and has developed a blood clot. Shes still home and should be resting.

Love is whatever you can still betray. Betrayal can only happen if you love. -John le Carre
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I just want to say, because ive been dealing with this alot the last few days, never lie to me. I wont tolerate it I wont stand for it. I pride myself on being honest and I hope other people will give me the same respect.
To me trust is the most important part of any relationship, whether it be boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, mother and child, or best friends all of them need trust. Lies are the fastest way to break that trust. If I find anyone lying to me thats an instant friendship ruiner, relationship breaker and misgivings creator.

Trust is to human relationships...
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Ya know I like to do editing, its fun I enjoy it, I enjoy seeing people happy to get once. What I dont like is doing a ton of middle of the night editing when im really tired...which is what Ive just done ^_^. Someone, please remind me never again...

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So today is my best friends birthday and its kinda bittersweet because this is the first year since we met we wont be spending it together. Usually we will celebrate hers and mine together, go ice skating, out to eat then back home to watch anime (or in my case watch her freak out over anime). This year shes down in SC, lives there, but hopefully sometime this month i can head down there or she up here and we can do our usual birthday plans Smile
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Ive noticed most people hear the word Monday and they start sighing, whether its cause they have work, or have to go back to school, or even just getting their kids to school. No matter the reason people just think Mondays will suck.

You know statistically though, there will be over 5,000 weddings, 10,000 childbirths, and 42 million hugs occurring today throughout the United States. Also today there will be at least 4 people that will will the mulitimillion dollar lotteries and 600 people will get promoted at work. There will also be 600 dogs adopted, 35,000 balloons sold and 800,000...
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I cant help but wonder how weird it would be if one day the fridges would take their revenge on us. Every half hour they would come to our rooms, open the door, stare at us for a few minutes then go away.
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So its been a busy weekend. Two family reunions, one potluck dinner and an extra smaller get together. Never again...First family reunion there was about 50 people, second about 200, and the potluck about 60. But on the plus side it means really good eating Very Happy

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Just a heads up for those of you who dont know, this Saturday Revive POTCO will be holding their second event. I really suggest you attend if you can I would be hosting one of the stops but sadly have a family reunion that day pale BUT heres the info on it if you want to go! Revive Potco Second Event

Nate since you have access now if you want me to redo it I can
by Relica - Comments: 2 - Views: 183

Not much to say today but figured I could go ahead and put these up if anyone wants to use it, feel free to. Ill more than likely have more later, or if anyone wants one just ask. Also apologies if anyone is not ok with my editing screenshots of them, if its...
by Relica - Comments: 3 - Views: 254

Something I dont understand about when people are looking for a guild is they look for the most popular one. What would make you think the best is the most popular? In high school the popular people were the ones who got into the most trouble and the same can be said about guilds. Ive been in a good amount of guilds and the ones I could call home were the ones it was easy to make connections in, not the ones where everyone is 'known'. So a big thank you to everyone in Darbodaen Fury for being so welcoming and for making me feel like a part of a family.
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So this weekend ive got a family reunion im really not looking forward to. It will be a bunch of old people and kids but, like every year, ill be the only young adult there. Anyone else have to go through something like that or have any funny stories they want to share about their family gatherings? I got a few:

One year we had a ornament exchange between all the women in the family, really boring. We had it in my aunts garage but she made it look nice, put up curtains and tables with candles, flowers and all that stuff. Well the curtains got lit on fire by one of the candles. Half...
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Has anyone else ever had so much to say and then after finally finishing getting it all written down or typed out you just throw it way? I do, I just did that about 3 times because there is so much I can say but that I wont. Word of advice to anyone who does this...save your wall of text because more than likely your just going to be retyping it all later. A couple of the guild were sailing today (-gasp- sailing!?!?!? Ikr) and one thing that was said about me really stuck out in my mind.

I realized that you may think your one way but then when you see yourself from someone else...
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