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 Ideas Ideas IDEAS!!!!!!

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Ramah Darbodaen
Ramah Darbodaen

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Ideas Ideas IDEAS!!!!!! Empty
PostIdeas Ideas IDEAS!!!!!!

It has been so long since I have written in this section! Let me start out by saying, I have missed all of ye!

POTCO was my absolute first MMO or online game that I ever played! I have to say, the community was absolutely wonderful to me and it is the main reason why I stayed and developed as a "gamer". I went on to join a guild called "Sparrow's Rogue". They were a great bunch of Pirates and a lot of them (you) are still very good friends Smile

Then unfortunately, The Sparrows broke up. Not from anything bad, but just time and life got in the way for the GM and other leaders there. While this was sad, it was the catalyst for the birth of...THE FURY!!

We grew fast and we grew powerful! Pirates came from all over the Caribbean to marvel at the sight that was "The Fury". We quickly became one of the top ten guilds on the leaderboards and we even garnered very positive attention from the development teams and the POTCO staff, as well as many of the founders of the game. A lot of which are still close contacts of mine to this very day! However, none can match the special place in the history of the Fury nearly as well as you fine pirates.

The experiences that I, and probably all of us had while sailing and plundering together have such a special place in my memory that there aren't any other games or communities that can match it. Guild sails, loot sails, leveling, invasions, seiging the South Idol...those were the best of times in POTCO, and they will be the best of times in TLOPO!!!

This leads me to now. As most of you already know, POTCO has been remastered. It is now called TLOPO and it is almost EXACTLY a carbon copy of POTCO. We have even started up the Darbodaen Fury there again to revisit the fun that we all experienced years ago. So, with that said, Romp and I have been trying to get the old gang back together. We have already gotten a few other old Fury pirates back (Leon and Relica just to name a few) and we want ALL OF YOU BACK!

There are so many things that we can do again, and one of the things that I want to implement once we are all back to an established guild is the pirate Crew Battles. If you aren't familiar with them, there is an entire Forum Section dedicated to the development for that "game within a game". Smile

In short, I am glad to be back, and PROUD to have the opportunity to lead you fine pirates once more on our journey to rule the Caribbean! See you all in game soon! FTF!!!!!!!!!!!

Ideas Ideas IDEAS!!!!!! Rock10
Ideas Ideas IDEAS!!!!!! Stumpe11
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Re: Ideas Ideas IDEAS!!!!!!
Post on Fri Dec 08, 2017 4:25 am  TigerLily
Can it be true? Is the Fury sailing once again?!

Ideas Ideas IDEAS!!!!!!

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