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 Takeover of the Carribien (crazy nates untold stories)

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nate redgull
nate redgull

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PostSubject: Takeover of the Carribien (crazy nates untold stories)   Wed Jun 11, 2014 2:39 pm

Chapter 14 i think
The long ride home
As Paula sets sail she cant help but feel that she is being followed something, she doesn't know what but she is certain it's something big, fast, and legendary. She takes a look out threw her telescope, and then she hears a crash as she looks behind her, the legendary fire dragon, is trying to take the mast off of her ship. Just as it jumps out of the water aimed right for her mast, she broadsides the beast making it fly back into the water ready for another strike the beast comes trying for that sail once more, as it nearly hits the mast a cannonball hits it right it the gut, as a light sloop comes in the battle to help her out. As the light sloop comes in, the beast has a new target, it flies out aiming for the new light sloop, using advanced maneuvers the sloop dodges the attack and sends a burst of cannonballs into the monster and it has had enough and runs.

PLease tell me if you liked it and i will be back with more.

Nate redgull Is inThe fury tonight everybody is gonna have a good time Smile afro :crazy lol! jocolor :crazy 

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Takeover of the Carribien (crazy nates untold stories)
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