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 Just Girly Things...

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Just Girly Things... Empty
PostJust Girly Things...

Since school has started, I've noticed that girls are quite strange characters, and I'm sure that most guys will agree with that Razz 

I've decided to make a list of the quirky, awkward things that girls like that guys and even other girls don't notice or know about. I'll make the list longer when I notice more weird things about us girls! Comment if you have more things to add to the list or something to object to!

1.) We get jealous over EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY. We always compare ourselves to other people for no reason, and we just torture ourselves by bringing ourselves down and thinking we aren't as pretty or as popular or as amazing as everybody else. We just do that.
2.) We love chocolate. And bacon. We love bacon.
3.) We get SOOO dramatic sometimes because the world is our stage.
4.) If we like a guy, we laugh at everything he says, and get really embarrassed around him (maybe that's just me), and we tend to say stupid things. Blush 
5.) Girls enjoy being crazy with our best friends.
6.) Sometimes we get really irritable over the silliest of things.
7.) We make fun of other girls because we are either: a. jealous b. think they're crazy/creepy/strange c. think we're better than they are. Some girls are just plain MEAN.
8.) Sometimes we make up rumors just because we're mad/insane/jealous/really really jealous/we want to see somebody end up really sad. (That's why I don't start rumors)
9.) The littlest sweet things are the things that make us think guys are amazing and sweet.
10.) The nerdy and weird girls are people too! Don't make fun of them because they aren't as popular or pretty as other girls, because they're awesome too! I would know, I have lots of nerdy friends!
11.) Sometimes girls pretend to be stupid and a completely different person just to impress a guy.
12.) Sleepovers and girls nights are a must! It's a time for girls to eat whatever they want and just talk about girl stuff!
13.) To guys in school: when you get to work on a project with a smart girl, be greatful, not angry, you just got an easy A+!
14.) Don't say mean things to other girls about our appearance or personality, that will make them feel really bad and they'll try to change when they're already awesome.
15.) If we wear a really pretty outfit, don't go and tell me I look like a guy, because then I will never be able to wear that outfit again, because even if I hate you, I will forever remember that that outfit makes me look like I'm a guy, and I will never be happy with that clothing selection again. (Girls dress to impress!)

That's big enough a list for my brain right now, I hope you girls enjoyed by relating and you guys understood us a little bit more (like that's going to happen) lol!
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Just Girly Things...

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