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 Welcome Liquid Fire

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PostSubject: Welcome Liquid Fire   Welcome Liquid Fire EmptySun Aug 04, 2013 9:47 am

Liquid Fire comes back to Pirates Online after being away for a while.  She joined our guild because her old guild had retired.  The subject of cannon defense came up and I wanted to type a few "Cliff Notes".  Other pirates are welcome to jump in and add comments or show alternate opinions.
What Ram Should I Use when I Play Cannon Defense?
Use a gunner ram or else use another ram that is in the gunner ram family.  There are three rams in that family:
(good) Hasty Cannon Ram
(better) Gunner's Cannon Ram
(best) Master Gunner's Cannon Ram (none of my pirates have it)
Where Should I put Points On Cannon Skills
Rapid Reload
Wave Numbers With Drops
The first question you may ask is, what wave numbers drop stuff?  Of course, you are playing to get a drop that is a rev ram.
6,13,19,26,32,39,45,52,58,65,71,78,84,91 and so on
two ways to do the math
add 13's  13,26,39,52,65  and add 6's to each of those:
or, start with zero and add 6 and then add 7 and then add 6 and then add 7 and then add 6 and so on...
Where Can I Get More Detailed Information?

Welcome Liquid Fire Rompfe10
Welcome Liquid Fire Furyel10
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Welcome Liquid Fire
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