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 Mastering Pirates

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Mastering Pirates Empty
PostMastering Pirates

I will start off by saying that I have never mastered a pirate.

Katniss, who is now level 48, has few weapons to master and it is going pretty quickly for me, but my grenade level is still pretty sad-looking.  If there are any specific places I should try leveling Katniss besides thrall hall and south idol, please let me know.

My current weapons I have not mastered:

Sailing - 26

I mastered grenades! So happy! It was almost too easy Suspect  lol

Wish me luck!  cat

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Mastering Pirates :: Comments

Ramah Darbodaen
Re: Mastering Pirates
Post on Sat Jul 27, 2013 10:31 am  Ramah Darbodaen
Here is my suggestion for grenades. Follow me to the south idol, have your seige at the ready. I will try to scrounge up a large crew for us (for the crew bonus) and u throw those seige at the middle of the group when they are still under the bubble. Then i throw and complete the kill of all four. This should get you some pretty good rep for all and not to mention, a better possibility of those good weapons! There is also another spot for leveling grenades. At any boss (preferably DH or blanco, a boss like that) You can do what is called the grenade quick throw! Here is a link on the directions for the quick throw...


Again, it always helps to have a good crew who can heal/revive/give you better crew bonus. It also helps if you can ever hit one of those double XP days...those are AMAZING! Also, stick with Katniss, dont go to alpha or prim or any others that you might have unless you are satisfied with how far Katniss has come along! Smile

Last thing...remember that, if and when you do master Katniss, that is one of the criteria for applying to the Darbodaen Fury ELITE!! See this thread...


Good Luck Katniss!!!

Re: Mastering Pirates
Post on Sat Jul 27, 2013 2:19 pm  Primrose
Thanks Rock! I'm so glad to have such a helpful and awesome guild to help me out! I'm levelling quickly and hope to have Katniss completed by the end of summer vacation or the end of the year (school limits my schedule a lot!!!!). I'll take you up on that south idol offer when you're available!
Re: Mastering Pirates
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Mastering Pirates

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