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 News Item about Safety

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PostSubject: News Item about Safety   Wed Jul 24, 2013 6:33 am

On the surface, the article may at first appear to be ok.  If you read through it quickly, you'll find two good warnings.
1. Don't trust pirates who say they can get you the legendary weapons you want.
2. mod programs can contain keyloggers (if your computer gets infected with a keylogger, someone else can see everything you type, and then after they watch you login, they can login in.)
However, if you read a little more critically you will find more than one problem (or at least I think so).
I recommend reading the article on the online pirates forum.  I recommend reading it there, rather than the Disney web site, because the Disney web site will only accept comments that Disney-favorable and that means they will all be comments written by sixth graders (not the smart ones) who want to see something they wrote posted on the internet.
With the online pirates forum, there is at least a chance that we could find comments that contain wisdom. That's what happened when the spyglass competition was in progress.
Oh, I have to say it--I disagree in a big way with the sentence telling us that we don't need third party help with chat.
I will be changing the way I play the game for a few days, in remembrance of Cory.


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News Item about Safety
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