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 What We Do Not Know...

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PostSubject: What We Do Not Know...   Mon Jul 15, 2013 1:48 pm

What We Do Not Know
We don’t know.  The simple answer is, we don’t know.
Some have said a woman married a man with plans and means, while carrying the child of a man with fantastic dreams.
Some say it wasn’t serendipity, but rather, strategy, that the father and mother formed a marriage after forming a plan, and that to the other man it was quietly explained.  Did this happen?
We do know that the Medici family was very powerful in Italy and that they protected a man named DiVinci, a man whose collection of drawings and writings will one day be sold for more than a billion dollars.
Some say the mother taught her first born son to fight.  She learned the moves all pirates were taught and then she created a science of the sword and she gave this science to her son—to fight, survive and win.  Some say we see her smile on the face of friend of hers in a painting.
Some say the public spectacle leading to the disowning of the first son was never real, but that he went off, as a part of a plan, to fight alone, while the second son arose to the throne in a year, and then the first son returned and that the love seen in the sunlit afternoon moment of their fraternal embrace, was real.
Some say the first son went on to continue the pirate dynasty while his brother grew the bank.  Some say the bank grew faster with every two hundred thousand gold coin chest that was brought to Tuscany, and that trumpets were blown to herald the arrival of each ship commanded by a loved pirate.
Some say there is a pirate who, generations later, has blood coming from a mother who managed great things.  Others say this pirate, generations later, has blood coming from a father who had fantastic dreams.
Some say there is a wall made of gold with twenty five words all ending with T-I-O-N and that usually on Friday he goes to this wall to look at his reflection while reflecting on the work done by parents and parents of parents who fought and then taught him to fight.
We watch his sword and the flashing light reflecting from it as he fights, survives and wins.  Who is this pirate?
We don’t know.  The simple answer is, we don’t know.
But in a quiet room lit by a single candle the question was whispered—for what, the D?


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What We Do Not Know...
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