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 The History Of Alpha

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PostSubject: The History Of Alpha   Tue Jul 02, 2013 9:59 pm

A few people in the guild that have known me for a LONG time know some of my history in POTCO, but many people do not know a lot of the entirety of the legend of the Alpha Cat. (This will be told in the third person for my entertainment.)

The first pirate Alpha had made was named Kelly Pillagehara, who had her own guild, but it quickly died out, even with over 200 members, which was called Immortal Souls. She then joined another guild, where she met many crazy and fun people such as Physics and Dewey Decimal. Kelly was deleted (even though she had a barracuda and Dewey tried to stop her), and then Katniss, Primrose, and Alpha were made, along with another pirate that was not in the Fury. Many little pirates were made, but many did not survive. Anyways, when many of the members of Alpha's old guild had left, one of Dewey Decimal's pirates invited Primrose Everdeen into the Darbodaen Fury. Primrose got to love the guild and it's insane members, and then Alpha was included in the Fury. Alpha and Prim both have leveled a lot from where they were before.

If there are any other stories you would like Alpha to tell, request them on The Alpha Blog!

FTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! afro 
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PostSubject: Deleting Pirates   Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:03 pm

Dewey will shoot me for saying this, but there can be reasons to decide to delete a pirate -- even if that pirate has a legendary weapon.
I would agree that you should keep a pirate that has world eater -- and maybe add behemoth and thunderspine to that list.
The legendary swords that I have, Patron and Abyss, neither impress me in any way (except for Patron letting you go ghost).  
I hope we have another chance to do the Black Pearl ship battle with only two pirates.


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The History Of Alpha
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