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 take over of the carribeon 7 ( crzy ntes story time )

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nate redgull

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PostSubject: take over of the carribeon 7 ( crzy ntes story time )   Mon Jul 01, 2013 1:24 am

it's time what you've been waiting for the next part

ch 7 the mysterious force

as Jim enters Cuba and goes deep into the bog to look for me the alligators are death staring him ready to strike, but some force keeps them from striking. Jim finds a mysterious ladder, but when he tries to climb he is swallowed whole by a giant fly trap. as jam is thinking the fly trap swallows some weird canon ram looking rod. which then Jim pockets to look at later. just as he starts to think of what he picked up the fly trap is slain by some powerful but swift force. And as Jim looks around he finds nothing but swamp and alligators.

Nate redgull Is inThe fury tonight everybody is gonna have a good time Smile afro :crazy lol! jocolor :crazy 

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take over of the carribeon 7 ( crzy ntes story time )
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