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 take over of the carrabeon 5 (crazy nates story time)

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nate redgull

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PostSubject: take over of the carrabeon 5 (crazy nates story time)   Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:07 pm

i kept you waiting long enough here it is

CH 5 finding nate regull part 1 

jim says. ok were began are search at port royal to see if the navy has gotten him, from there were check the records too see if they caught him any were else in custody, even tho that lil snake would brake out and kill the entire army, as jim paula and D-rock land on port royal they ask to see there pass cards, as they ask D-rock has a sword swinging at them and then they are off to the jail to find nate redgull, they find nothing and are off too the records room, as they go into the fort they are stopped by 90 dragoons and remingtin the viscous. D-Rock says remy my old enemy time to finish what we started 20 years ago, D-rock throws a siege with enough make a horse bend his kness, as the siege hits the ground the dragoons fly back before it blows, and when it does blow the are denigrated. but reminington stands strong. jim and paula try to charge him but they are crippled with a knife to the legs. 

gonna cut you off again

Nate redgull Is inThe fury tonight everybody is gonna have a good time Smile afro :crazy lol! jocolor :crazy 

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Ramah Darbodaen

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PostSubject: Re: take over of the carrabeon 5 (crazy nates story time)   Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:25 pm

Nice nate! I am assuming Remington just got lucky... NOONE SURVIVES MY SEIGE!



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take over of the carrabeon 5 (crazy nates story time)
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