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 take over of the carrabeon 3 (crazy nates story time)

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nate redgull

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PostSubject: take over of the carrabeon 3 (crazy nates story time)   Wed Jun 05, 2013 4:29 pm

CH 4 jim and paula's struggle

as paula wakes up the first thing she see's is a raven pecking at her foot, she kicks it and gets up. shes see's a treasure chest and as she walk towards it el patron shows up behind her and hits her in the head knocking her down and in a instant. jim has his sword in el patrons chest and is blade storming him, and paula takes a nautilus out of the chest and lightning fries el patron, and jim and paula fight there way out of the mine they have no where they are

CH 5 D-Rocks battle of life and death

D-rock wakes up behind the water tower behind foulberto smasho and as D-rock says o my a ghost tries to hit him with it's sword but rock punches it and takes it's sword, using it to kill it. but foul has a different plan for rock, as foul throws a knife at him rock hits it down with his ghost sword foul gets angry and runs at Rock getting ready to kill him in a one hit. but rock stayed strong

i'm going to cut you off again your find out who wins rock or foul tomorow

Nate redgull Is inThe fury tonight everybody is gonna have a good time Smile afro :crazy lol! jocolor :crazy 

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take over of the carrabeon 3 (crazy nates story time)
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