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 Lament of the Limit (Story Time)

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PostSubject: Lament of the Limit (Story Time)   Fri May 31, 2013 1:38 am

"Every new pirate that joins our crew is asked to fathom the meaning of a poem that we found. Normally I don't put too much faith in poetry. The more effort taken to give rhyme to the sentence the less room to create precise and true meaning. But a poem was acquired that caught our attention for saying something."

"Before I give it to you I want you to know there is a lot of magic in this Caribbean. With our resources we could go anywhere but we stay here even if it is Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness jungle."

"Sorry, you'll have to forgive me if I don't go for magic," I told him.

His eyes twinkled. "Wait till you see a monster with a solid body form going into a rock and hiding within that rock. Wait until you find places where you can walk through solid rock, or even come out of it to stand within a pool of lava. All of these can be nothing but magic--and here they be."

"Also, there is a place here where we built a ladder climbing a tree. Granted there was a considerable amount of rum and grog involved, but the next day we still believed in what it meant."

"I promised you the poem..."

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Lament of the Limit (Story Time)
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