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 Don't know how to jump or wanna get better at it?!

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Im jim bro
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PostSubject: Don't know how to jump or wanna get better at it?!   Mon May 27, 2013 11:36 pm

Hello, I am "I'm Jim bro" if you do not know or wanna get at better jumping?!

(Pirates that do not know how to jump!).
Ok, if you don't know how to jump, please send me a message on potco or on here! I'll be gladly to invite you to a mayhem battle! I'll show you how to jump! I'll teach you and tell you about the basics!

(Pirates that wanna get better at Pvp).

Ok. Firstly, I'll Pvp trying my heart out too see your weaknesses matey! After that match, I'll tell you and show you what to work on. Examples; "Rock, your accuracy is not the best when your jumping! Once you hack me mate jump around and look for the red circle under me too do your next deadly strike to me!

- I'm Jim bro.
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Don't know how to jump or wanna get better at it?!
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