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 Family Reunions

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PostFamily Reunions

So this weekend ive got a family reunion im really not looking forward to. It will be a bunch of old people and kids but, like every year, ill be the only young adult there. Anyone else have to go through something like that or have any funny stories they want to share about their family gatherings? I got a few:

One year we had a ornament exchange between all the women in the family, really boring. We had it in my aunts garage but she made it look nice, put up curtains and tables with candles, flowers and all that stuff. Well the curtains got lit on fire by one of the candles. Half the people ran to the other side of the room while the rest (mostly ladies in there 70 and 80s Laughing ) were stamping on the fire. I think my aunt learned her lesson because the next year the candles were plastic and battery operated lol.

Different year this time at a family reunion. I always bring my friend Kelley because shes like family to us and as such my parents treat her like family. My dad like to pick on us and this year the cicadas were out...and there was alot of them. Kelley refused to go outside the building because the cicadas creeped her out. My dad went outside, grabbed one and carried in inside (We didn't know what was in his hand at first because he was hiding it). He brought his hand up close to her face and the bug crawled out... She screamed (echoing around the room lol) ran outside to all the other bugs, ran back inside and hid in the bathroom lol.

If you have any funny family stories feel free to tell yours also Very Happy

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Family Reunions :: Comments

Re: Family Reunions
Post on Sun May 19, 2013 3:33 pm  Ramah Darbodaen
This I will have to think about, lol. I am sure that with my crazy family, there are some stories to tell Smile

Family Reunions

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