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 No. F***ing. Way.

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Leon Swordskull
Leon Swordskull

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No. F***ing. Way. Empty
PostSubject: No. F***ing. Way.   No. F***ing. Way. EmptyWed May 08, 2013 2:11 pm

No. F***ing. Way. Screen11

I got the email... Went better than expected actually. I think they actually MIGHT consider implementing ONE of these things into the game. I am SO pumped right now! Very Happy (BTW ignore the email and my first name... Forgot to censor them out).

EDIT: Notice how they said absolutely NOTHING about not being in the process of making a new chest level... Cool

Through adversity, there is redemption. With passion, fighting, I am unbroken.
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No. F***ing. Way.
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