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 My thoughts on looting...

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Ramah Darbodaen
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My thoughts on looting... Empty
PostMy thoughts on looting...

In my many travels around the Caribbean, I hear a ton of different "strategies" on looting and how to get better loot, more skulls, etc. Let me share with you what I think about these "strategies"...Blah!

As you all know and have seen, I am no stranger to famed, famed cursed, and even legendary weapons! Many would say, that I know how to "loot". I am not bragging, honestly I am not, I just want to lay the foundation that I have some experience in this area.

You will hear things like..."Don't use staff, it ruins loot." FALSE! "Don't seige, it ruins loot." FALSE!! "Someone use blunder, you get better loot." FALSE, FALSE FALSE!! Now I cannot say this as pure and total fact, but I have never, ever seen a certain weapon improve, or ruin loot. A skull is a skull is a skull! However...

I have seen different servers give more skull chests than others. This may be the only "stragety" that I have while looting. If I don't get skulls, I move, simple as that. I have never seen a server that gives better "loot" just one that drops more skulls. And those ALWAYS change.

So, no more math algorithms to determine Skull drop rates and loot chances (Sorry Valence, I know this will disappoint you Smile). Just get out there, find a server that drops skulls, and ye will have those amazing weapons in no time! Just remember, any loot drop form (pouch, chest, skull chest) has the potential to drop good weapons! The better the type of drop, the better the odds of a better weapon. Now next time you are looting with those negative nancy's who say loot chances change, direct them to me. I have an entire library of screenshots that will prove otherwise lol! . Now get out there and loot mates!! Good luck, have fun, and...


My thoughts on looting... Rock10
My thoughts on looting... Stumpe11
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My thoughts on looting... :: Comments

Re: My thoughts on looting...
Post on Thu May 09, 2013 8:12 pm  RyanPOTCO
Totally agree... I find it annoying when for the 30th time in a day a pirate asks me where I got one of my weapons, like really? Really? Going to the south idol on Cortola where I got a weapon years ago is not going to help you. Sorry to those who believe it will... I think it won't well happy looting mates Smile
Is there a sword that is fairly good or quite good and you ended up with two of them?

Physics has two patrons; Johnny Lawless has two patrons; Winchester has two Barracudas.

Anyone else have a double story?

I agree that it is ridiculous to ask someone where they got a sword unless they got it within the past few days.

Recently there was quite a bit of good luck to be found in South Idols. However, the past two days have been very dry--possibly it is time to move back to the Gold Rooms of Tormenta?
Re: My thoughts on looting...
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My thoughts on looting...

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