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 Blogs for all ye Scurvy Fury Pirates with somethin to say!

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Ramah Darbodaen

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PostBlogs for all ye Scurvy Fury Pirates with somethin to say!

This category is for any pirate out there who feels like they have stuff to get off their chest or just wants to be heard at random intervals throughout the day, week, month, or even year! (It is not a complaining topic though Smile. If ye have complaints, PM me or a Fury officer)

Just click "Post Reply" down at the bottom and let me or one of the admins know that you are interested in starting your very own blog! We will then contact you and get you stated. (You can also PM me or an admin and let us know as well).

You can talk about anything ye want mates! How yer day was, yer puppies, teachers, boss, car, or POTCO & the Fury! Totally up to you. I do ask though, refrain from anything that is inappropriate (we all know what I am talking about). If ye wouldn't say it in front of yer pastor, mother, or children...please don't say it here.

With that said...this is not a debate section. If someone has religious, political, or world beliefs, just leave those pirates alone with their opinions mates. They are free to post about it, if there is a problem with it, just don't read their blog Smile We will keep this area fun and clean mates! Happy posting!!



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Blogs for all ye Scurvy Fury Pirates with somethin to say! :: Comments

An Alpha Blog?
Post on Sat Jun 22, 2013 3:11 pm  Primrose
Can I have a blog, Rock? rendeer
Yes Ma'am! What would u like me to name it and how would you like it described? (Example: Relica's Blog: Anything Goes!)
I would like it named The Alpha Blog: The Cat's Life

Thanks Smile
Got it Primmy!!

Blogs for all ye Scurvy Fury Pirates with somethin to say!

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