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 Tyranny in the Fury!!

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Ramah Darbodaen
Ramah Darbodaen

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Tyranny in the Fury!! Empty
PostTyranny in the Fury!!

Well, I have never been much of a "blogger" and I am not even sure if I am doing this correctly, but, here goes Smile...

I want everyone to know how the Fury works.

The first thing to know about the Fury is, this is a dictatorship, not a democracy! LOL, I know that sounds harsh, especially coming from me, however, it is how a guild has to be managed. If I try to please everyone, there would be no guild and we would be EXACTLY like all of those other guilds out there that never get off the ground.

Now, for those of you who know me, you will know that I am not really the dictator type Wink. I am really easy to get along with and there isn't much on planet earth that can make me mad (just don't try to take the wheel of my ship without asking Evil or Very Mad ) lol. I am ALWAYS open to hear criticism, ideas, and opinions. Hopefully you all know that. I just can't promise that the ideas will be implemented in the guild.

In summary...I will ALWAYS ask the opinions of Fury members before any huge changes are made, I will especially lean on the opinions of my Fury leadership (Officers and Veterans). However, the finial decision will, and has always rested, solely with Big D! Smile I love you

So, if anyone has any questions, ye can reply here or PM me if ye want it to be more discreet. Happy looting mates!!


Tyranny in the Fury!! Rock10
Tyranny in the Fury!! Stumpe11
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Tyranny in the Fury!!

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