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 God Glitch

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God Glitch  Empty
PostSubject: God Glitch    God Glitch  EmptyThu Apr 18, 2013 10:29 pm

Note: (This glitch will allow you to fight and enemy without getting K.O.)
Step one: Kill enemies untill you get a loot pouch and or chest do not take the stuff inside the chest. Step Two: Hit a few enemies run back to the pouch and or chest and open it. Step Three: Die in the pouch and or chest. When dead take the stuff or x it out Note: (This will make it so you can move) Step Four: Find the closest boat launcher and launch your ship. NOTE: (DO NOT MOVE YOUR PIRATE AFTER THIS STEP OTHERWISE STEP SIX WILL BE HARD) Step Five: Have a friend or Guildie revive you after you launched . Step Six: Launch your boat again. Note:(This step will help you so you can see again.)

Congrats you are now God Glitched

Other Side Notes: (If doing this glitch on kings head and you fall into the water while doing step four your game will crash and you will have to log out of the game and redo all the steps. (same if you do not have someone revive you in time) . Also you can not go threw a loading screen as it will unglitch you. Lastly in this glitch you can not teleport off the island to another island or to a person and you can not sail until you log off.)

Best Islands for this glitch: KingsHead, Cutthroat Isle, Outcast Isle and, Isla cangrejos. ( you can do this glitch on any island but these are the best for lvling )
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God Glitch
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