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 Shortcut to Dr. Bellrog in Patron's Mine

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PostSubject: Shortcut to Dr. Bellrog in Patron's Mine   Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:05 am

Monologue about each picture is found under the picture.

You will run all the way to the entrance and you will keep going--run past it--and keep going until there is a black marble "hump" in the ground. Stand on the center of it.

Rotate, turning to your left and face da rock. Run forward and jump, you will go through da rock.

You ran so you would land on Patron's ship. If you walk you end up in the water (swim around the ship and run up the ramp).

Jump to get up on the gangway and run off the ship and turn left. Go through the entrance--you are there at Dr. Bellrog.
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Shortcut to Dr. Bellrog in Patron's Mine
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