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Ugh, I have not come on this website enough.

But hey guys!  I've missed you all so much!!!  I'm so excited for POR, so then the Fury can rule once again!  Razz 

So what has everyone been doing recently?  I know there's a ton of stuff going on for me.  I made the cheerleading squad (Yay!) and I've been going to practice for that a lot.  I have two summer projects I need to do since I made it into this special program at my school, and they're pretty boring, but I'm glad it gives me something to...
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I finally got pirates of the burning sea!  So happy!  Quick question though: do I download the test client or the game client.  And I believe Paula has been asking for my instagram!  It's @sing_for_the_moment__ :)follow me and I'll follow back
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The other day, I was walking to my room to get ready for my concert. I leaned in the doorway of my living room, and my vision got very blurry. Everything went black for a few seconds, and I woke up and I was looking at the ceiling, my dog was sniffing my face, and my head hurt severely. I sit up quickly and say "Did I fall?" My mom said she heard something fall, but that happened about five to ten minutes ago. I've been feeling lightheaded, extremely hot/cold at times when it was room temperature, and very nauseous ever since. Has this ever happened to anybody? If so, please tell...
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In a previous post i have said that i auditioned for a solo, and i said i would tell you the result.  I, sadly, did not get the solo, but I'm the understudy.  In other words, if the soloist gets sick or falls down a flight of stairs i get the part (that wouldn't be my fault...Wink )  I honestly don't think shes that great, but oh well.  

Hasta luego!
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I know I keep posting a bunch of annoying and random posts about my boring life, so here's another one.

Today, for chorus, I auditioned for a solo in a song called "Where Are You Christmas". You may have heard it from The Grinch that Stole Christmas. I was so shaky and quiet. People keep telling me that I did amazing, but I couldn't control my nervousness. I hope it wasn't too noticeable. One girl in my class who is an amazing singer was laughing at other people who auditioned because they can't sing very well and choose not to admit it to themselves. After I had auditioned,...
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Yesterday, a bunch of people came from this arts school to encourage people to go there.  They have instrumental and vocal arts and a bunch of other arts such as theatre and creative writing and visual arts.  When a few people from the orchestra department started playing the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song and me and my friends got so excited!  Happy Dance It was really beautiful and I just thought I'd share that little piece of info cuz I'm bored hehehe.
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Okay, so in my English class, I know a lot of parts of speech, like nouns and adjectives and that stuff. I always answer the questions right, and people tell me I should just shut up because it makes them feel stupid, and it makes me feel like a weirdo for being smart. It's so strange... I swear, some of the people need to go to the English teacher I had last year and sit through his class with a dumbfounded look on their face. The only reason I'm so good at English is because I loved the teacher I had last year and I always tried to be good at parsing. I feel like I should give other people...
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I'm sorry I was not there to the end Crying or Very sad I thought they would close at midnight tonight and I was not on yesterday and I greatly regret it. There are many things I will miss about the game but I'm so glad we still have the forum and I have a bunch of screenshots! If I ever figure out how to post them, I will definitely post them on the blog. To all of the people in the Darbodaen Fury, I will greatly miss you and regret losing the game. I'll miss battling with my buddies and just randomly talking with...
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I write stories that I call "my books," but I really don't think they're all that great. I decided to post the first chapter and see what you guys think. The beginning is a little depressing, by the way. The book is called Captured, and now I'm working on the second one called Encased. I hope you guys like the first chapter! They do say a "bad word" in the first chapter, but it's not a swear word. I wanted to just let you guys know. Very Happy Let me know what you think, good or bad thoughts,...
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I have these good friends on my bus that I don't sit near a lot, but we talk sometimes. They always got off the bus before me, and when the oldest (2 years older than me) one got off, she would always say, "Be strong!" I assumed it was a joke and they've been doing that to me for the past year and a half. The one that is only a year older than me said that she likes making up love stories sometimes. The youngest, the one in my grade, was talking to me yesterday and she said that the love stories were based on real people, but they were fictional stories. Jokingly, I asked her, "Are...
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Since school has started, I've noticed that girls are quite strange characters, and I'm sure that most guys will agree with that Razz 

I've decided to make a list of the quirky, awkward things that girls like that guys and even other girls don't notice or know about. I'll make the list longer when I notice more weird things about us girls! Comment if you have more things to add to the list or something to object to!

1.) We get jealous over EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY. We always compare ourselves...
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I know it's kind of late to be having a post like this, but I've been super busy and this is the time to say this.

I've spent many years on POTCO (by my estimate I've been playing for about 5 or 6 years) and I've had such great memories and friends in this game! I miss so many of my old friends already, and I really really hope we can all stay in touch even after the game closes. I'm not sure if I'm going to start up with another game because I honestly have no time to do ANYTHING fun, so I will be on the forum from time to time. I'll have random posts about things I notice about...
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School is going to be starting back up for me soon Hammer  This summer has gone by really quickly! I will definitely not be playing as much, and I haven't been playing much recently, and I miss you guys! I have Fall Ball coming up and taking away my Saturday mornings, WEB meetings (helping out the new kids coming to my school), writing, and of course hanging out with my friends that I haven't seen all summer! I wish I didn't have as much I had to do so that I could play POTCO more often, but I have to say that my brain...
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I was looking up videos on my tablet a while ago and I found a video that was called Everything Wrong with the Curse of the Black Pearl by CinemaSins. I believe I had Nikki look it up before and she approves. However there isa little bit of swearing but most of it is bleeped out I believe. Sorry. Here's the link( the link may or may not work)


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I will start off by saying that I have never mastered a pirate.

Katniss, who is now level 48, has few weapons to master and it is going pretty quickly for me, but my grenade level is still pretty sad-looking.  If there are any specific places I should try leveling Katniss besides thrall hall and south idol, please let me know.

My current weapons I have not mastered:

Sailing - 26

I mastered grenades! So happy! It was almost too easy Suspect  lol

Wish me luck!...
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My oldest and highest level pirate Katniss has joined the Fury! I've been wanting to add her from some time and I wanted her to reach level 46, and she finally did! I hope she'll be able to level more now that she has a very active and awesome guild to accompany her in her levelling! I hope to master Katniss sometime soon!

FTF!!!!! cat cat cat 
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The worst part of the summer is sunburns.  I was doing a donation carwash, and my shoulders, neck, and face are cherry red cherry Literally.  It was mainly my fault for not using sunscreen. Now, whenever I try to play sports with my friends, it's painful when I move my arms.  Has anybody else gotten super sunburned this summer or in summers past?coffee coffee 
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I'll be taking a vacation for a few days (Sunday 7/7 to Tuesday 7/9). I think I'll be able to check up on the forum at night but I won't be able to play. I'll also be having a sleepover on Friday and Saturday so I won't be able to play then OR check the forum, sadly Sad  Hope you guys have good luck looting!

FTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cherry cherry 
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Sorry I haven't been on very often in the past week or so I have a summer job to earn my community service hours and I have NO time to play Sad I may be on in the next week or so. Have fun playing POTCO.

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I thought that since you guys play POTCO, you guys might play other games as well such as games from the Appstore or games on websites. I'm not saying that I'm bored with POTCO, but I have other games on my tablet that I'm bored with at times. Leave a comment and tell me some of your favorite games that you play!!! Smile
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Ridiculousness:  what my blog is really about.  I'll be talking about random things that come to mind like the way people act or just things that have absolutely no purpose.  There's a reason for everything that happens but not in The Alpha's mind What a Face
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