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The picture below is the best -- it shows the Patron sword from an angle that lets you see that it is a Lost Sword of El Patron.

(pictures below came from the first fight)



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I think my lower notoriety is diminishing my chances.  However, if you look at where the health of the rage ghost is on this attempt, you'll see I was VERY CLOSE!!!
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Almost all of Shiphawk's activity has been shooting cannon for Peter.

A redcoat was killed to get into the mansion. A crab was killed with gun on the beach. Shiphawk has no memories of any other land animal activities.

After reaching level 16 Shiphawk, who was now level 20 on cannon, decided to do the doll quest, and possibly later, some of the teleportation quests.

The photo below shows him in a rare moment on land holding a gun, and his inventory shows how much gold he made from sailing with Peter.

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by Romp - Comments: 1 - Views: 175

Someone said something the other day, can't remember exactly what, but it carried with it the question "what rams drop as loot from sailing?"
The most interesting I've seen, so far, was the Steel ram.  This is the one only drops at wave 32 of Cannon Defense.
I've seen the Priming ram drop three times.  It's weird--I some really good mariner pirates in our guild are still waiting for it.
(more will be added to the list as I confirm them.)
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D-Rock and Thomas would have been great friends.
I say that with complete sadness because the two GM's never met.
Today I faced that it was time to let Edward Darkcastle of Die Ink ascend.  No one from the guild remains except for myself and in a way, the character Edward was becoming more and more a ghost.

In the last minutes three brothers gathered together, two with their proud guild stripes removed to show their respect for the third.

Songs by Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac will play as Edward begins his ascending journey.
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Her name is still Pirate, but already she is sweet Sixteen, and Seventeen is very close.

Every once in a while you get the perfect moment in a picture; here we have with Pirate and Thor together in the Cave of Lost Souls.
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Right now he is at level 13 Notoriety.  He has all his weapons at max (level 7) and he can gain some more notoriety for mastering his skills, potions and fishing.

With the Cabin Boy's Cutlass, attack 13, he took down a level 14 Conquistador (our family calls them chickenistas).

This means he can fight at the entrance of Lava Gorge.

Earlier, we had Billy kill the first enemy of Lava Gorge a bunch of times.  It ranges from 10...
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In a way, the timing couldn't be worse. Pirates were busy with double rep activities trying to get the most for their the time on their countdown clocks.

Neon went to his last activity expecting to lose the patron fight, but not alarmed because in the past, with other pirates, losing the first fight meant funny stuff would happen afterwards.

However, two high level pirates from Dark Archive, who saw him come get the idol from the South Idol, had a different perspective and followed him to help him kill Patron.

by Romp - Comments: 0 - Views: 268

His Notoriety level was 33, he had 2048 for health and his sword level was 29.

He killed the level 39 ghost he met going to the North idol, with no difficulty.

Later he killed a 40. There was no trouble completing the watery grave portion of the question. However, so far he has been stymied by the Protect the Traitor Ghost portion. His best so far is taking down four yellow ghosts before kicking the bucket.
by Romp - Comments: 0 - Views: 201

With a Notoriety level of 27, and sword at level 24, it was possible to survive without help at the lake, killing enemies as high as 35 (the highest) with sword.

Interestingly, with a gun at level 11, it was possible, with venom shot, to kill the same enemies when using Take Aim. This was good for leveling gun.

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When Neon first went to the South Idol he hit the enemies while they were in the bubble, with his sword. D-Rock was throwing siege grenades immediately afterwards and it worked fine.

However, there is this thing called reality and sometimes a pirate gets called (afk/brb) to deal with something in real.

It just so happens that there were three pirates there and twice both got called by the real world. That gave the ghosts a chance to kill Neon. Of course, being a Fury pirate, Neon expected to thrive at the South Idol.

He called for Physics to come smite the ghosts...
by Romp - Comments: 0 - Views: 185

Fighting the three redcoats in Beckett's (close to Catacombs) is recommended. Bart Badrage working nearby will be happy to heal you. Each healing costs 5 gold coins and you easily get more than that if you open all the pouches and chests.

He is a nice guy and I promise he will laugh if you call him Mr. T. He is circled with yellow in the photo below.

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Padres Teleportation Quest

Having to kill gypsies for the padres teleportation question was the hardest so far.

Fighting them alone, Neon had to employ a trick: when he saw he was unavoidably gonna die, he centered himself to attack all three enemies (these were the three at the beginning of that corridor leading to the Raider Room) so that they would all have damage when he came back.

For this trick it is important to be on quiet server and hope no one else comes along.

When he returned, he was able to kill each of the damaged enemies,...
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The first one baffled Neon -- the game wouldn't give him new clothes. This wasn't the end of the world, he was content with the ones given at the beginning.

Second, he wasn't getting noteworthy gold from the loot drops. As he neared level 10 Notoriety he didn't have enough gold to buy the Romp family favorite chest tattoo.

A typical Romp family pirate goes with his brothers to Kingshead and levels sword on the six vets--that is his speed ramp to level 10 and there is quite a bit of gold given. Also, in a family with half a dozen pirates hovering near 200,000 in gold it...
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A special thank you to Crazy Nate for finding action at Abassa Foul and alerting the guild.

Just after telling the story of Victory, a pirate who got a famed doll on her first fight, Neon got a famed doll no this second fight.

That wasn't the only luck--he also got knives that unlock at level 6 and this can be very helpful to a struggling pirate...


Of course, this is one set of knives that unlocks at 4 and this would have been even better, but Neon was happy with the level 6 knives.
by Romp - Comments: 0 - Views: 170

Neon has a mission to find out what it is like to be a solo pirate in our guild.

In that regard he is not like the other pirates in the Romp family.

This doesn't mean he can never teleport to anyone--if someone in guild says "tp to me" that applies to him as much as any other guildie.

So far he has only been given help with three teleports needed to do his teleportation quests.

One trick he needed early on--rely on the small size of the light sloop. Enemy ships have a harder time hitting you and when they are big and you are little, it's best...
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